Today, we could not be happier as we present to you a woman who we admire and who is an inspiration for us, Marcella

Actress & model, she has kindly accepted to reply to the questions that we have under our section 'ELLAS'. Read them below! 

There is something on her life-changes and the content that she kindly shares with us on her two Instagram accounts, that lift our souls and make us think that another life if possible.

What is fashion for you?
Fashion for me is to feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin.
For me fashion is really unique, you can use some fashion clothes but if you're not feeling good and comfortable you'll not be fashionable at all.

Where did you go on your last trip?
As I live in a Motorhome now, my life is travelling =D but the last place I've been is Spain. I was in Cataluña and now I am heading to Murcia.

And your last book?
I am reading a very magical book called "Heart Minded" from Sarah Blondin. 

Who decorated your place?
I decorated it myself with my partner, but we are still decorating the motorhome to be more like us :D 

What do you miss on a regular basis?
I miss the sun, the sea, the good weather of my country and nowadays hugging people. As we are in COVID situation, I can't hug everyone, and I used to be this kind of person :D

What makes you worry in the mornings?
I worry when I receive bad news from my family in Brazil. I worry something could happen and I am super far from them.

How do you balance those worries?
I have a morning ritual to balance my life and energy; even if I don't have any bad news I do it. Every day, I wake up and I make myself a cup of tea, write about my feelings, after I do a meditation and I finish the ritual studying about the astrology of the day and I plan how to deal with the details of this day.

Your best outfit until today
I have a long pink silk dress that I used only once for my character in a play and I love this dress! But it's so special that I am still waiting for the best day to wear it again.

The worse one
I don't remember any now.

Something that does not allow you to sleep
If I have bills to pay and I am out of money and work for sure I have troubles to sleep.

Something that scares you
The polarisation that the world is in at the moment really scares me and the lack of freedom.

Best in your life today
My motorhome life! For sure it was the best decision for me even during so strange and challenging times.

Best in your life in the future
I have still many dreams, so I have the willpower to achieve those dreams, so I believe those things will bring me lots of happiness. I keep on dreaming and manifesting my dreams. That's the best thing in my future, I believe.

Thank you very much, Marcella, for sharing your time with us.
You can follow Marcella on Instagram here, and her life on the motorhome here.

Furtheremore, we are extremely happy to announce that Marcella will be interviewed on #CharladeActrices on 13 December. More information will follow soon here!

© Marcella Mello

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