Meet Aline de Lombaerde, graphic designer and co-founder of Trail Nomad

Today in Purcuapà Magazine we introduce you to Aline De Lombaerde, founder of the graphic design studio Graphic Rhino and co-founder of Trail Nomad. Together with her sister, Aline has also founded Econscious, an environmentally friendly brand that will produce clothes with clear messages to protect animals and nature.

Do not miss the interview below!

When and why did you start working as a graphic designer?

I started working as a graphic designer in 2018, mostly because of my passion for design and my love for both paper and the digital world. I'm a fast learner so I'm always eager to learn the latest tricks and programs.

What do you like the most about it?

I love the combination in my job for online and offline design. I love doing print designs because of the variety of materials and the big amount of possibilities. In the online world, I'm always amazed by how fast everything changes and I'm always looking for new things.

What is the project that makes you the proudest up to now?

It's hard to pick just one project, but if I have to do it, it would be designing the brand and website of the project I have with my hubby; he sells off-road cars parts. I am also in charge of the social media of the brand. You can find us on Instagram or directly on the web of Trail Nomad

What recommendation would you give to someone starting as a freelancer?

I'd recommend any starting freelancer going to network events - get to know more people you can learn from, get tips from, and try to give them something back.

Together with your sister, you have found Econscious, a brand raising awareness about nature conservation - are the clothes available? 

The brand is still in a start-up phase as we both combine it with several other projects. But more information will be available once the pieces are ready! 

Where can we find you (website, social media, etc.)?

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn:

My portfolio is:

Thank you very much, Aline, for your time with us. We wish you lots of success! 

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