Meet Margherita Bertuola, image consultant

Meet Margherita Bertuola, image consultant, today at Purcuapà Magazine! Pasionated about colour and women empowerment, Margherita will be present at Purcuapa's SPLASH Event on 24 February in Brussels and has awesome surprises coming up in May. Do not miss this interview and stay tuned! 

When and why did you start working as an image consultant?

During the challenging lockdown period I started to study to become an image consultant, combining my interests in colours, shapes and fashion.

Seeing the massive demands from friends, family and colleagues seeking me for advice on style and shopping, and my pleasure in helping them, I realised that I could turn my passion into a career opportunity.

My big focus is self-acceptance and care. Feeling good in one’s own skin.
This has definitely been fun and creative alongside with my daily office job. 

How would you define your path as entrepreneur?

Moving up with baby steps. I am aware that things way might be slow at the beginning.

But things are picking up and I am super excited with some new upcoming projects!

What makes you the proudest till now?

The joy I see in my clients’ eyes when they see how beautiful they are with a colour, a piece of clothing or an haircut they would have never thought about. 

What is your main next challenge?

For sure organising a cool event to showcase my personal vision on image consulting: around colour, and both body and face shape analysis. 

Creating a runway situation, trust me, will be super fun! 

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What would it be your advice for someone willing to start as an image consultant?

My recommendations are to invest in good teachers and continuous training, keep studying and developing all the way long. 
I also think that collaboration with colleagues and other professionals will help show a clearer bigger picture moving forward.

Where can we find you and benefit from your services?

You will find me in both on Instagram and TikTok as @lamargheb.

I am also available on Facebook and Messenger as Margherita Bertuola.

Otherwise, you can always reach out to me on

I have a soft spot for Instagram, hence here is where I mostly share my content.

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