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We are beyond proud to introduce you to Lucid Jewellery, a brand that is about to launch its first collection, and that holds all the values that make us believe in a better world. Do not miss this interview with its founder, Victoria Halliden, and make sure to follow the brand along!

What is the mision of Lucid Jewellery?

We hand-design attainable luxury jewellery collections that are durably crafted for daily wear, in small batches, with respect to people and our home planet. The result is positive demi-fine statement pieces that you can buy from our website and enjoy everyday, guaranteed.  

When will we be able to buy the first collection? 

This summer at! We kicked-off Lucid's pre-launch on Instagram and email to attract a community passionate about environmental sustainability and self-expression. This community, comprising mindful curators of personal style, seeks to shape Lucid into its best version. Embracing eco-friendly practices, they actively support brands aligned with a commitment to a greener planet. Lucid offers jewellery beyond mere accessories, serving as a canvas for self-expression and individuality. Each piece carries significance, valuing unique designs that tell a story. Lucid jewellery is not just adornment but a meaningful reflection of identity and values. 

What made you start the brand?  

With a background in fast fashion, after years in buying and marketing for clothing brands, I grew disillusioned by greenwashing practices. Determined to create a brand doing things differently, the decision to focus on jewellery came from a strategic perspective. Recognising the evolution in clothing (Arket, Cos) where customers prove they're willing to pay more for quality, Lucid aims to fill a gap in the Belgian jewellery landscape. Inspired by successful UK brands in the "middle ground," Lucid targets a community willing to invest in quality, enabling an ethical and sustainable supply chain. 


What has been the major achievement of LUCID till now?

As Lucid hasn’t officially launched yet, the most major achievements now have come from actually identifying how to make things happen and smashing the road-blocks to success (of which there are many). We’ve found investors and production partners who are aligned with our vision and, as we navigate this journey, we're well on our way to the eagerly anticipated launch of Lucid.


What is your main next challenge?

The next major challenge is just staying aligned to our vision. We are committed to offering sustainable jewellery and we’ve decided to use only recycled materials only and nothing from the land or sea. We are committed to a lifetime of repair on every piece of jewellery and we’re working with audited factoriesSo, our next major challenge lies in the logistics and transport. To be a truly ethical brand, we have to learn how to offset our emissions in a way that goes beyond “planting a tree” and really improves the impact of our products instead of apologising for them. We are currently working with consultants to map this out.  

How would you define your path as entrepreneur?

I’ve reached the top of the tree in many companies and stayed in these positions because I really believed I could change things at a higher level. But I was continually disappointed in how slowly the wheels turn in big organistions and impressed with how quickly they can move for start-ups who are willing to push boundaries. I always thought I wasn’t a start-up profile (I am notoriously risk adverse) but I’ve come to realise that the wealth I have after twenty years in retail is pretty valuable and I might just avoid making mistakes that others do in their infancy. So, my path is to continue to draw from my own experiences but to be open to an ever-changing landscape and to stay reactive. I fully believe in getting to 51% certainly and going from there, if you wait until 100% and you are already too late.  


What would it be your advice for someone willing to start a jewellery brand?


I’m not sure I am (yet) qualified to give advice but I would say to be open to all feedback – little oracles of wisdom are going to come from people and places you don’t expect. It’s hard to open yourself up to the world but the best brands are built with community support. Back in the day, brands told the world who they are... now the world is telling us who we are, where we fit in the world – it’s best to listen.  And most of all, believe in yourself and your vision – otherwise, who will? 


Where can we find you?

We are launching at: this summer. In the meantime, you can find us on Instagram @lucid__jewellery and Tiktok @lucid_jewellery.  

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