Meet Iman Aitouazzou, content creator

From Casablanca, get to know today on Purcuapà Magazine Iman Aitouazzou, content creator! Since we saw her content, we became in love of the passion, beauty and elegance that it portrays. Do not miss the interview we had with Iman about her experience as content creator.

When did you start creating content and how it became a professional activity?

I started creating content three years ago. Since I was young I loved taking pictures so it was easy for me to know what my passion really is. 

I feel like in 2020, it became more professional for me because I did a lot of professional shootings and my content started to be more focussed on what my passion is really about.

What has been your best moment as content creator till now?

The best moment so far for me has been when my content started to become aligned with my passion, when it truly started representing who I am. 

What is your next challenge/ main objectives as content creator?

I believe that every content creator need to use their platform to send a good message to others, so for me this year I wanna inspire others in every way possible...

Which advice would you give to someone wishing to start creating content professionally?

The best advice that I can give is to be the unique you. 

The mistake that most content creators do is that they try so hard to copy others... Is okay to get inspired but not to copy! 

© Iman Aitouazzou

Thank you very much, Iman!
We wish you more and more creativity and projects.

Don't miss any on Iman's posts on Instagram: @imanaitouazzou.

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