Margherita Bertuola launched her image consulting business this Saturday in partnership with Peperoncino Abbigliamento

Margherita Bertuola, a talented image consultant whom we had an interview with earlier this year, launched her business this Saturday 18 May at the hotel The Hoxton Brussels in partnership with Peperoncino Abbigliamento.

With a room fully packed at The Apartment multi-functional space at the Hotel, Margherita presented her business, key aspects and concepts of image consulting, and organised a runway with seven models who presented two outfits each from Peperoncino Abbigliamento, one for a casual occasion and a second one for a special occasion.

The magic of image consulting was applied to the 14 looks, always taking into consideration the body shape, face type, and colour palette of each of the models.

The varied ages and sizes of the models and their capacity to achieve their full potential make the models shine and also the brains behind the looks, Margherita and Mariella, an image consultant as well, and founder of Peperoncino Abbigliamento.

© Pictures: Margherita Bertuola, Peperoncino Abbigliamento, Purcuapà

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@lamargheb and @peperoncino.abbigliamento. The LIVE from the event is available here.

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And stay tuned for our interview with Mariella!

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